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NXT For Investors #21 - What Is The Difference Between NXT & Bitcoin? - At Dallas Satoshi Square
This video was recorded at the Satoshi Square meetup in the city of Dallas which is located in the state of Texas. If you found our videos helpful in finding more freedom in your health, wealth and relationships, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to show us your support. We also invite you to visit our website: http://PrisonOrFreedom.com and subscribe to our freedom newsletter so that you can be immediately notified when we publish any new content. If you would like to support our work, you are welcome to make coffee or beer donations here: Donate Bitcoins here: 19HHZ1yEimKUYVFM9TkXqd9xwM54jSFrmc Donate Litecoins here: LTA99422wieqR1MfWeNxZU5xAsESE9MzW7 Donate Nextcoins here: 17225446755425423638
Open Transactions: Voting Pools  -  Justus Ranvier, Switzerland
Justus Ranvier talks about Voting Pools in Open Transactions at the Bitcoin Meetup in Zug, Switzerland
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While some states mull over how to manage the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, the Texas Department
VOICE-OVER: JONATHAN RUMION IS MAKING A WITHDRAWAL AT THIS AUSTIN, TEXAS GUN SHOP...IN BITCOIN. SOUNDBITE: Jonathan Rumion/bitcoin user "If I used a credit a card then the bank has a record of where I am using my credit card." CRYPTOCURRENCY HE'S ABLE TO USE TO BUY A FIREARM. SOUNDBITE : Michael Cargill/ owner, Central Texas Gun Works "I decided to accept bitcoin here at Central Texas Gun Works so that we could bring more customers into our shop and also appeal to the technology community." THE DIGITAL CURRENCY SYSTEM ALLOWS TRANSACTIONS INDEPENDENT OF BANKS OR GOVERNMENTS�.BITCOIN CAN BE CONVERTED TO CASH WHEN DEPOSITED INTO ACCOUNTS AT PRICES SET IN ONLINE TRADING. NATS CENTRAL TEXAS GUN WORKS IS ONE OF THREE AUSTIN LOCATIONS WHERE YOU CAN FIND A BITCOIN ATM. THE MACHINES HAVE POPPED UP IN DALLAS TOO. SOUNDBITE: Ernest Belmore/ owner Buzzbrews "It's something in our wheelhouse. It's innovative and we're cutting edge." THIS ONE AT A 24 HOUR COFFEE SHOP. UNDER TEXAS LAW THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERED ACTUAL A-T-MS. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Wood/ Asst Counsel, Texas Dept. of Banking "I've used the analogy of a vending machine. that's just a two party transaction that we view as buying and selling of goods." BUT AN ATTORNEY FOR THE TEXAS BANKING COMMMISSION CAUTIONS THERE'S NO PROTECTIONS WITH BITCOIN. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Wood/ Asst Counsel, Texas Dept. of Banking "Transactions are generally irreversible. If a third party is holding your bitcoins for you, there's no FDIC insurance." NO REGULATIONS MEAN NO CONSUMER PROTECTIONS. IN CONTRAST TO TEXAS, NEW YORK'S FINANCIAL REGULATORS WANT BITCOIN ATMS TO BE LICENSED AND BE ABLE TO VERIFY A CUSTOMERS I-D AMONG OTHER REQUIREMENTS. PROPOSALS THAT DON'T SIT WELL WITH BITCOIN USERS. (NATS- BITCOIN, JONATHAN BACK AT THE GUN SHOP) SOUNDBITE: Jonathan Rumion/bitcoin user "I don't think it's right for the government to know how I am spending my money." WHICH IS THE BIG DRAW FOR MANY USING THE VIRTUAL CURRENCY. JOHN MONE ASSOCIATED PRESS AUSTIN, TEXAS. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/d476d31e88a087f4614fe8936b232da3 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Learning Bitcoin in NYC via Live Workshops / Classes
Event schedule: http://www.xcubicle.com/events -- Learning #bitcoin through videos online can only get you so far. For those looking for a more in depth and personal learning experience, nothing beats a live classroom environment for learning #cryptocurrency xCubicle has been hosting and incubating the #nyc #bitcoin community since 2012. We've seen many #bitcoin newbies left out after attending a meetup of veteran bitcoin users, which is why we're providing a new avenue of learning about #bitcoin to the masses. We are the first venue to provide these types of #bitcoin classes and hands on workshops for those wishing to learn more.
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