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Sun Chlorella's REJUV-A-WAFERS | Supporting Pet Health
Concerned about your pet's health? Sun Chlorella Advisory Board Member and Veterinarian, Dr. William Farber, DVM testifies to the benefits of Sun Chlorella's REJUV-A-WAFERS as a whole food pet supplement. REJUV-A-WAFERS are specially formulated to promote pet health, using a combination of chlorella growth factor (CGF) and Sun Eleuthero.
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Patient Stories: Richard—Kidney Disease
Every test result tells a patient story. Find out how Richard, with clinical diagnostics at the heart of decision making, gets the answers that matter to him most. For additional clinical information about Kidney Disease please visit us at http://www.healthcare.siemens.com/clinical-specialities/diabetes/diabetes-early-kidney-disease-detection
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A Research Study on an Investigational Oral Immunotheraphy on Seasonal Ragweed Allergy
http://www.ragweedallergycincinnati.com Seasonal RAGWEED ALLERGY? (with or without ASTHMA) We are looking for participants for a research study on investigational oral immunotherapy. To qualify: • 18 50 years old • Received treatment for the condition for at least 2 yrs including the previous ragweed season • Not on allergy shots within the last 5 years For more information please visit: http://www.ragweedallergycincinnati.com
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Joe Levy as a guest on the JTV Variety show in May 2008, answering questions on UV, Vitamin D and how "Smart Tanning" can be a part of melanoma prevention.
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The Top Five Nutrients For Healthy Skin Part 4
http://www.lifefxusa.com/ http://www.6minutefacelift.info/enzofx3-skin-care/ http://www.6minutefacelift.info Selenium: Selenium is an antioxidant mineral responsible for tissue elasticity. It also acts to prevent cell damage by free radicals and is will known to be correlated with a reduction of breast cancer risk. It may play an important role in preventing skin cancer, as it can protect the skin from damage from excessive ultraviolet light. Dietary sources of selenium include wheat germ, seafood such as tuna and salmon, garlic, Brazil nuts, eggs, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread. Brazil nuts are perhaps the best source, and eating just 3-4 Brazil nuts per day provides adequate selenium intake for most people. A good source of raw brazil nuts is www.RawFood.com Vitamins C, E and A: Vitamin C is highly effective at reducing free radical damage, such as that caused by overexposure to the sun or pollution. Free radicals consume collagen and elastin - the fibers that support skin structure - and can cause wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. Vitamin C is especially effective at protecting the skin from overexposure to the sun when combined with vitamin E. Foods high in vitamin C include acerola (a cherry-like fruit), red and green bell peppers, guava, kale, parsley, collard greens, turnips, and broccoli. http://www.lifefxusa.com/enzofx3/enzofx3.html http://www.6minutefacelift.info/
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Mr. Chandra Prakash Talks About Laparoscopic Surgery of His Mother at CARE Hospitals, Raipur
Though the doctor had initially considered an open surgery, the stones in both the kidneys were removed using laparoscopy. A lot of care is taken of the patient here in Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals. We did not face any problem during our stay. In this area, CARE Hospitals is the only multi-specialty hospital. For more information about Nephrology services and procedures at CARE Hospitals, visit: http://goo.gl/sgxZxt
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