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Farm Basics - Corn Growth Stages #737 (Air Date 5/20/12)
Brian & Darren go over the various stages of corn growth.
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Corn Growth Stages
Sean Jordal of ProHarvest Seeds explains how to determine stages of growth in corn
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Prevent herbicide damage: Determine corn growth stages
Neil Hansen, DuPont Pioneer field agronomist in southern Minnesota explains how to accurately calculate corn growth stages to prevent herbicide injury on the plant. Additional info: Vegetative corn growth stages and scouting tips: https://www.pioneer.com/home/site/us/agronomy/crop-management/crop-growth-stages/corn-growth-stages/vegetative/ Growth stage estimator: https://www.pioneer.com/home/site/us/agronomy/tools/growth-stage-estimator/
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Accurately identify corn growth stages
Properly identifying corn growth stages is important for the timing of in-season nutrient, herbicide and fungicide applications. Watch Mycogen Seeds commercial agronomist, Adam Owens, explain how to identify corn growth stages. For more agronomic information, visit www.Mycogen.com/agronomy or contact your local Mycogen commercial agronomist. Products mentioned in this video may not be available in all areas. Please check with local regulatory authorities to determine if a product is registered for sale and use in your area.
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Field Corn, Early Growth Stages Defined
How do you tell what growth stage your field corn is at? And why is it a good management practice to know? Chris Boerboom of UW-Madison's Agronomy department shows you how and why on very young field corn.
Farm Basics #699-Corn Maturity Stages (Air Date 8/28/11)
Brian & Darren go over the corn plant's maturity stages for the grain.
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Animated corn growth with titles and music
Corn growth animation with titles and music for use with UnICORN (Understanding Inheritance in Corn) curriculum Music is Ritual Six by Jason Leonard. Licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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Corn Growth Process
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Field Corn, Mature Growth Stages Defined
How do you tell what growth stage your field corn is at? And why is it a good management practice to know? Joe Lauer of UW-Madison's Agronomy department shows you how and why on mature field corn.
Pioneer Growing Point Agronomy™ - Corn Growth Stages & Herbicide Timing
DuPont Pioneer Agronomist, Ryan Bates, Account Manager, Joe Ailts, and Sales Rep, Brad Rybicki discuss Corn Growth Stages & Herbicide Timing
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The next stage in the corn growth. "Milk stage"
Corn will be ready for silo/bunk filling pretty soon. Next stage will be the dough stage.
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Growth Stage in Corn
Pioneer Field Agronomist Doran Johnson talks about the importance of growth staging in corn, how you should do it and the affect that has on herbicide use.
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How to determine the growth stage of a corn plant
ProHarvest Seed Agronomist Sean Jordal explains how to properly determine the growth stage of a corn plant and at what stages you can spray specific products on your corn acres.
How to Estimate Corn Yields
Learn how to estimate corn yields before harvest in this Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy update for northern Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota from field agronomist, Ryan Bates. Additional Information: Corn yield estimator tool. Don’t feel like doing all the math? This online tool helps you calculate yield estimates. Source for table referenced in video: Corn development. Corn agronomy: Where science meets the field. University of Wisconsin. 3 February 2014. http://bit.ly/1skt59f. Accessed 8 August 2014.
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Corn Growth and Development Staging Systems, (corn, part 2/3)
Corn Growth and Development Staging Systems. Dr. Joe Lauer's presentation about "Corn Growth, Development, and Physiology". This part (2 of 3) focuses on systems used to label stages of corn plant development in Wisconsin and the US. Presented by: The Integrated Pest Management program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Wisconsin-Extension http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu http://ipcm.wisc.edu http://www.uwex.edu/ces/
Farm Basics - Corn Tassels & Silks #691 (Air Date 7/3/11)
Brian & Darren explain the reproductive parts of corn plants.
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Key Growth Stages In Corn #995 (Air Date 4-30-17)
There are several corn growth stages that are important to pay attention to. Brian and Darren Hefty explain in this segment.
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Corn Growth Stage and Post-Emergence Herbicides
The month of May was one of the warmest on record across the Midwest. That heat has the corn crop growing really fast. As Todd Gleason reports, this means farmers will be short on time to get post-emergence herbicide applications done.
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Grow With Me 2017: Corn Ep. 6 | Tassel Stage
Not a very exciting update but it probably is worth showing the stage when the corn plant puts out its tassels. This year has been such a challenge with birds pulling corn seeds/sprouts from the ground. Maybe they were telling us something? With the abnormally number of overcast days, many corn plants grow uninspired. The corn that was sown as of late look to sprout and grow unabated. Looks like corn season just got pushed back this year. There is one corn patched that was skipped. Here is the supplemental content: https://youtu.be/e8-Z1F29qF0
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Dry Land Corn: V6 Growth Stage
DuPont Pioneer Territory Manager, John Raines, discusses a dry land corn plant in the V6 growth stage in West Tennessee. He discusses how to stage the corn by counting collars and the critical stage that the corn plant is in in relation to the tassel and growing point being above ground at this stage. He also stresses the importance of following your labels when it comes to fertilizer and herbicide applications.
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Corn Growth   Timelapse
Timelapse photography of corn plants from May til August. Photos taken 5 times daily
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Farm Basics-Corn Growth Stages #633 (From Ag PhD #633 5/23/10)
Brian & Darren discuss the various stages of corn growth.
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360 Yield Minute - Determining Growth Stages In Corn - Jamie Brand
While out in a field evaluating stands and taking a third set of soil samples, Jamie Brand, Regional Agronomy Manager for 360 Yield Center, explains how to determine growth stages in corn.
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Dry Land Corn: V12 Growth Stage
DuPont Pioneer Territory Manager, John Raines, stages a field of corn in West Tennessee by splitting the stalk and counting up from the cluster of four collars. He stages the plant at growth stage 12 and notes that pre-tassel nitrogen applications must be made before this growth stage; he discusses the importance of to scouting for foliar diseases at this point.
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How to grow CORN- Basic growth steps
SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE My video will tell you the quick steps in corn growth, how to plant a group of seeds, watering and understanding the male part of the stalk.
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Corn Growth and Development
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Corn Lodging and Regrowth in 3 Growth Stages
In this video, corn has been artificially lodged at three different stages (approximately V9, approximately V12, and VT). You can see how a lodged field can recover during each of these stages.
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Irrigated Corn: V9 Growth Stage
Jeremy Bruer, DuPont Pioneer Territory Manager, discusses an irrigated corn field in the V9 growth stage in the hills of Kentucky. He discusses the importance of evaluating the crop at this stage for pre-tassel nitrogen and foliar diseases.
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Corn & Soybean Growth Stage Update
Agronomy update and crop growth stage information from DuPont Pioneer field agronomist, Curt Hoffbeck in Eastern South Dakota and Southwestern Minnesota. Links: https://www.pioneer.com/home/site/ca/agronomy/tools/gdu https://www.pioneer.com/home/site/ca/agronomy/library/template.CONTENT/guid.1BF7B8F5-99E6-DC1E-0D45-9F5D240A8761 https://encirca.pioneer.com/landing/
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Methods to Stage Growth in Corn Crops
In this clip, Armor Seed Sales Agronomist Bill Rushing discusses two methods of staging growth in a corn crop. The growth stage is very important in making agronomic decisions. There are certain windows of time when it is best to apply herbicide or fertilizer to your crop if needed. Watch this video to learn more!
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Ear Shake Test to Determine Corn Pollination Progress
Dr. Bob Nielsen, Purdue Extension Corn Agronomist, visits a cornfield during pollination in west central Indiana. Shown and discussed is a quick-test, by dissecting and shaking the corn ear, to check the progression of pollination. This test determines the success of ovule (kernel) fertilization, but cannot be used as a yield estimate. Fertilized kernels, if subjected to stress (e.g., drought) may still abort or poorly fill, causing reduced yields. Article: http://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/news/timeless/EarShake.html
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Staging Corn Prior to a Herbicide Application
Pioneer Field Agronomist Dan Emmert talks about the importance of determining the growth stage of corn before making a herbicide application.
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Irrigated Corn: V10 Growth Stage
DuPont Pioneer Field Agronomist, Kevin Phillips, stages an irrigated corn field in South Georgia in the V10 growth Stage. Kevin highlights that at this stage, you need to begin looking for tassel and ear shoot development during this stage. He also discusses scouting for Northern Leaf Blight during the V10 growth stage.
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Corn Growth Stages: From Seed to R5
The relationship of growing degree unit accumulation and corn development, along with utilizing the estimated number of days to reach a certain growth stage, can help predict when important growth stages will occur. Learn more: https://aganyti.me/2N8AusS.
Control Weeds Early to Protect Corn Yield
HARLINGEN, Texas — Although one to two weeks behind schedule because of cool weather, there was adequate moisture early to plant corn without needing to pre-water. Crops continue to move right along, with some fields already in the V6 growth stage as of April 4. Unfortunately, that means weeds are growing quickly as well. Watch as Tony Driver, Syngenta agronomic service representative, discusses how to help fields where early-season weed growth is already threatening productivity. Learn more at http://www.KnowMoreGrowMore.com.
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Corn Yield and You
Sandy Endicott - Sr. Agronomy Manager Canada & Latin America talks about what you some important information on key growth stages of corn and determination of yield.
How to identify the growth stages of wheat
Ben Freer explains how accurately identifying wheat growth stages can be tricky to get right, but crucial for ensuring successful disease protection.
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Growth staging corn mid season
Cutting plant and counting nodes
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Determining Soybean Growth Stages - Tennessee Soybeans
University of Tennessee Extension's Dr. Angela McClure discusses the practice of staging soybeans to determine the soybean plant growth. This video is part of the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board's Virtual Scout School, a series of videos produced as an educational tool for Tennessee soybean farmers. Learn more at www.tnsoybeans.org.
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Growth Stages in Cereal Crops
A demonstration of growth stages in cereal crops to show optimum times in the plants development to spray for disease control 1996
corn and soybean growth stages
class project for rich crow
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Irrigated Corn: V11 Growth Stage
Jeremy Bruer, DuPont Pioneer Territory Manager, stages an irrigated corn field in Western Kentucky and discusses the importance of evaluating pre-tassel nitrogen and scouting for foliar diseases during this V11 growth stage.
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sweet corn growing stages
sweet corn growing stages Start Growing your own Clean, Fresh Organic food easily with our guides. Youll get everything yo need to know abour growing fresh organic food without the mostcommon problems. See more at Link in video
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AgDay: Corn Herbicides
Farmers should take note of growth stage when applying herbicides to emerging corn in order to reduce injury to the plants.
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Mid Season Growth Staging Corn
As corn plants mature, it become more difficult to growth stage corn according to the collar method as lower leaves are lost. Here's a quick tutorial on how to growth stage corn mid growing season.
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The Life Stages Of Corn
Can you tell that this video was inspired by boredom and hunger. XD.
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Corn development discussion
Comparison of an organic corn plant to a gmo corn plant with emphasis on root development
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